Privacy policy

When you are using NPS® Calculator you are trusting us with your data.
Because of that it is important we treat your information confident.


NPS Calculator uses browser cookies to allow login, website statistics and anonymous information about site usage. This information is to protect your data as well as improve the website. If you do not want the website to store cookies you can turn off cookies in your browser settings. Cookies are stored directly from the website as well as third party cookies for statistics and tracking user interaction. This website uses cookies from Google Analytics, Quicksearch, Usabilla, Hotjar and Smartlook. You are able to disable cookies easily through your web browser.

Operations of the website

The NPS Calculator is provided free of charge and as is. The service is created by Quicksearch Sweden AB, a company supplying Net Promoter® Systems. Quicksearch Sweden AB is not liable for any damage resulting, directly or indirect from using the website.

Login and profile information

NPS Calculator is used anonymously unless you login to the website to store your results.

Login is done through third party login solutions, currently LinkedIn, and NPS Calculator does not store your password. Your LinkedIn account is subject to the privacy policy of LinkedIn. When you login you allow for NPS Calculator to store your name, email and profile picture from LinkedIn. This information is not shared to any third parties it is only used to make your experience more personal. You also grant Quicksearch the right to send you information related to NPS®, eNPS, surveys or customer experience by email.

Storing company results

When you store your results in the NPS Calculator you agree your results are stored confidentially and will not be provided to third parties. You agree your results become part of the industry benchmark.


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